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Over the years we’ve used many different products in the salons and barber shops that we worked in, but never really latched on to just one specific line!  We always seemed to be mixing and matching brands trying to use the best product options out there to achieve the most current styles and the classic styles that will always be timeless! Most shops don’t like to carry multiple lines of product, so you end up sending your customers in all different directions to buy what they need!

That trend for us ends here at The Shop! After compiling our knowledge of the industry, our various product education backgrounds and months of research and testing, we’ve come out with our own Shop Line of products! We have a multitude of styling agents that include gel, wax, paste, pomade and clay as well as a peppermint based shampoo and a conditioner which also serves as a shaving lotion!

The growth and evolution of products does not stop here, but ultimately we feel that we’ve wrapped everything we need into one line that will make life easier for us and for our clients! Our clients deserve the best and we believe that our products are unmatched in quality! We look forward to the future of our brand and hope our customers do as well! All of our products are Paraben Free and are not tested on animals!

peppermint clean shampooPeppermint Clean Shampoo $10 (plus tax)
Formulated with Tea Tree Oil to help thoroughly cleanse hair. Rich lather removes excess oils. Leaves scalp with a cool sensation. Paraben free.

peppermint clean conditionerPeppermint Clean Conditioner$10 (plus tax)
Ultimate nourishing conditioner packed with nutrients to restore life into dry, treated or overdone hair. Peppermint Oil gives the scalp a cool, soothing, relaxing feeling. Adds shine and manageability to all hair types. Paraben free.

shop waxShop Wax$10 (plus tax)
Creates texture and separation with a firm yet flexible hold. Infused with Lanolin, Beeswax, and a blend of polymers to create a natural matte finish. Alcohol and Paraben free.

shop clayShop Clay – $10 (plus tax)
Finish, define and texturize long or short styles. Clay adds body and thickness making hair feel fatter. Light formula absorbs quickly. Alcohol and Paraben free.

shop pasteShop Paste$10 (plus tax)
A firm yet shapeable paste that gives maximum control and texture without a crispy feel. Works easily through hair for molding styles. Your style will have all-day resilience. Paraben free.

shop pomadeShop Pomade$10 (plus tax)
Shop Pomade is a flexible alternative to styling gels. This protein and tourmaline enriched pomade gives any hair type hold, shine, and control. Alcohol and Paraben free.

shop hard rock gelShop Hard Rock Gel$10 (plus tax)
Extreme holding styling gel. Paraben free.